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Great For Events!

Get the party started! Add some spice to any events or gatherings!

The latest and most updated song library streamed from the cloud – over 200,000 songs in 14 languages with the Popsical Karaoke Package!

100s of mini games with the Nintendo Switch Gaming Package!

Endless fun with Mahjong Package!

Rent Mahjong Set

Public Holidays

Entertain visiting relatives! Let them sing to festive and old school songs, play video games or gamble!


Bored of the usual buffet and mingling? Spice it up and let friends entertain themselves!

Chalet & Hotel Vacations

Add on to the BBQ and sing, game or gamble to your heart’s delight in your home away from home!

Birthday Celebrations

Karaoke, video gaming and gambling sessions for your guests before and after the cake-cutting ceremony!

Get Together Sessions

Spend quality time with friends in homely comfort without the exorbitant fees at karaoke and gaming joints!

Corporate Events

Bond with colleagues by collaborating or battling over video games, sing-off at karaoke or a friendly mahjong session!

  Convenient doorstep delivery and collection

How It Works

Find out how easy it is to have an awesome party with our packages!



Select the respective delivery and collection dates of the package and make payment.


Conveniently receive the package from our delivery staff at your doorstep on Monday or Thursday, between 6pm to 11pm.


Easily setup the package with the provided guide and sing or play away!


Conveniently return the package to our collection staff at your doorstep on Monday or Thursday, between 6pm to 11pm.
All equipment disinfected before delivery


An easy step-by-step pictorial guide will be provided to help you setup the package in less than 5 minutes. We are also on standby via chat and video call if you encounter any issues.

Via Chat


Video Call

Over 200,000 songs in 14 languages – English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and more

Delivery & Collection

We provide free doorstep delivery & collection islandwide!

We will deliver on your selected Monday / Thursday, between 6pm to 11pm.

We will collect on your selected Monday / Thursday, between 6pm to 11pm.

Please refer to HappyK’s Delivery & Collection Policy for more information.

HappyK's Delivery & Collection Policy
Contact us via Whatsapp +65 8922 9134 or to find out more


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We’re passionate bathroom singers and like most, not good enough to be the next Singapore Idol. Buying an expensive karaoke system to occasionally sing in the living room instead of the bathroom is cool but didn’t make financial sense.

Renting one for the weekend works but prices are exorbitant. We know there are many closet singers longing to croon on special occasions with friends and family. That’s why we built HappyK for you!

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