4 awesome fun activity ideas for chalet in Singapore!

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Booked a chalet in Singapore at D’Resort Downtown East, Chevron, Civil Service Club, National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) or one of the many chalet locations in Singapore with friends and family but not sure what activities to get everyone entertained over the next few days there?

At HappyK Singapore, we have shortlisted a number of fun activities that will keep them happy for hours and days!

1. Karaoke party

Karaoke sessions are social activities that will keep a big group of guests entertained. With a sufficient library of songs, it’s the best bet to keep young children all the way to the more elderly folks happy with songs like Baby Shark and Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx! Most chalets don’t have karaoke systems built into the individual chalets but a few, such as NSRCC, do have karaoke rooms located within the chalet grounds.

You can pretty much leave your guests on their own to organise their own sing-off competitions, sing-alongs and duets among couples.

If you wish to have a karaoke system within your own chalet, you can rent a fully portable and powerful karaoke system from HappyK Singapore at just $89 for 5 days. It comes with the sound system and 2 wireless microphones, with free delivery and collection to and from the chalet or your home!

We utilise the Popsical karaoke system which is unique in that it streams songs from the cloud (internet) so the library of songs are kept very much up to date. Also, it’s a smart karaoke device and up to 25 guests can connect their smartphones to the karaoke system. This allows them to browse, select and queue their desired songs to sing.

2. Video gaming console party

Since we are on the topic of electronics, bringing video gaming consoles to the chalet – the ones that you can hook up to the TV – would bring alot of fun if your guests range from children to adults. Who says video gaming is only for kids?

Video gaming consoles such as the Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch are perfect to get the competitive spirits up for your guests. There are a number game titles such as the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Party which have 100s of mini games, that include racing games, and which will keep everyone glued to the screen and rooting for their favourite players. At least 4 players can play at any one time!

At HappyK Singapore, we provide rental of the Nintendo Switch video gaming console which comes with 4 controllers and 5 games that comes with 100s of mini games at only S$79 for 5 days. If you remember the good old days of the Nintendo Wii that gets everyone on their feet and moving with their hands using the controller, the Nintendo Switch is the same, but much cooler!

3. Mahjong party

Rent Mahjong SetIt’s one of the least inclusive activities since only 4 players can participate in this at any one time. Still, it’s a favourite among gamblers at chalets and can easily be tucked away at the corner of the chalet for the folks who love hearing the sound of tiles meeting each other on the mahjong table. Unlike the old days, mahjong now appeals to a surprisingly young group of players. Guests in their 20s and 30s can be highly experienced in the game of mahjong so don’t count on just the older folks to make a beeline for your mahjong set up at the chalet.

Beware though, each mahjong session can take up to 4 to 5 hours to complete! The main hassle with mahjong at the chalet is having to lug the tile set and the heavy mahjong table.

At HappyK Singapore, we literally do the heavy lifting to bring mahjong to you. For just $59, we deliver the mahjong tiles, chips and table to you so you can easily get the mahjong game up and running without the perspiration and trouble to bring them to the chalet!

4. Texas Hold’em Poker party

Texas Hold’em

Poker is by far the most inclusive activity on our list. Up to 10 players can take part in your chalet’s poker game. It needs a little explaining on how the game works but you can be assured once the players get the hang of it, they’re going to have hours of fun.

No wonder Texas Hold’em Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world.

With a chip set and cards, all you need for this is a dining table and chairs at the chalet!

Only S$89 to rent the Popsical or S$79 Nintendo Switch or S$59 for the Mahjong set for 5 days! Check Pricing

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