Arrangements during COVID-19

How we strive to bring fun to you during these not-very-fun times

Staff working hard from home

In line with the COVID-19 “Circuit Breaker” measures by the Singapore Government on 3 April 2020, our staff will be working from home to attend to your enquiries. During this period, there will no self-collections allowed at our premises.

Delivery by third-party logistics provider

Once your packages have been prepared, they will be picked up by our third-party logistics provider and delivered to your location on the day of rental between 7pm to 11pm. On the day of return, our third-party logistics provider will similarly pick the set from your location. You may choose to opt for contact-less delivery and collection too.

Sanitisation before delivery

Our practice has always been to sanitise all microphones with alcohol-based disinfectants and in providing microphone covers even before COVID-19. This practice will continue to ensure hygiene is up-kept. Even after COVID-19 is under control, customers can be assured this practice will remain.

Minimizing the surfaces by GOING GREEN

We have been GOING GREEN by receiving payments, sending invoices and order confirmations, digitally. This helps to minimize the surfaces you are exposed to and reduce paper wastage. Protect the earth by protecting yourself!

Due to the above arrangements, do bear with us on some slight delays as we do our best to help bring fun to homes 😃