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The Popsical licence allows only for usage within residences. Residences constitute places where one would spend the night. Places where the Popsical can be used may include HDBs, private residences, chalets or hotel rooms, but would exclude places such as offices and function rooms in condominiums.

Can I book the Popsical Karaoke Package for a corporate event?

If the event is held within a residence, such as a colleague’s home or within a chalet, the Popsical can be rented for such usage. However, the Popsical licence does not allow for it to be used in places outside of residences such as function rooms, offices, etc.

Can I use the Popsical Karaoke Package for outdoor events, in function rooms, etc?

Generally, the Popsical licence cannot be used for outdoor events or in function rooms which are typically outside the confines of residences. The exceptions would be the outdoors or function room within the compound of a private landed property or apartment unit.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Popsical licence does not allow for usage in communal gardens or function rooms of condominiums.

Can I book the Popsical Karaoke Package for use in a hotel room?

Yes. As a hotel room is a location where one spends the night, it can be considered a residence. For the avoidance of doubt, do note that the Popsical licence does not allow for usage within function rooms of hotels.

Do note that most hotels’ WiFi networks utilise a different login system (pop-up browser requiring username and password) from home WiFi networks (requires only password). Please refer to the ‘Setting up and troubleshooting – Connection’ section below on workarounds to connect to hotel WiFi networks.

Can I book multiple Popsical Sound Speakers as the room where I'm using it is large?

Yes. Do contact us and we can help arrange a discounted rate for the booking of the additional Popsical Sound speakers. Do note that the rental of the additional speaker is subject to availability.

Can I add additional microphones to the 2 that come with the booking of the Popsical Karaoke Package?

No. The wireless Bluetooth microphones included with the Popsical system are paired specifically to the speakers. As such, additional microphones cannot be added. However, you can choose to rent an additional Popsical Sound speaker which comes with another 2 microphones. Do contact us to obtain a discounted rate on the booking of an add-on Popsical Sound speakers.

How many days in advance should I book the Popsical Karaoke Package?

As we are usually fully booked over the weekends, to avoid disappointment, do book as soon as the date of your home karaoke event is confirmed.

Can I rent the Popsical Karaoke Package for a period longer than a week?

Yes. Do contact us via email, [email protected], or Whatsapp, 8768 1334, and we will be able to arrange for the longer duration booking at a special rate.

How many songs and what languages are on the Popsical?

There are over 200,000 songs on the Popsical, in more than 12 languages including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Bahasa Melayu, Tamil, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Tagalog, Vietnamese and more!

What are the charges if items are lost or damaged?

In the event an item is lost or damaged, the charges are stated below.


    • Popsical Streaming Device (Pink/Green) – S$350
    • Popsical Streaming Device (Black) – S$650
    • Popsical SoundBar -S$350
    • Popsical Remote Control – S$50
    • Popsical SoundBar Remote Control – S$50
    • Microphones – S$ 150 each
    • USB Plug – S$50
    • USB-C Cable – S$30
    • AUX to RCA Cable – S$30
    • HDMI Cable – S$30
    • Cabin Sized Luggage – S$50
    • Revolving Disco Light – $80
    • Tambourines – S$30 each


*The AA batteries and disposable microphone covers are provided to you for free. There is no need to replace them.


I've just made a booking and selected to pay via internet banking transfer / PayNow. How do I proceed?

After your booking, you will receive an automated email with the details such as the bank account number / UEN number to perform the transfer.

Alternatively, you can find make payment via the PayNow QR Code found below. Do remember to include your order no. as reference!

Once payment has been completed, please inform us via email, [email protected], or Whatsapp, 8768 1334. Your booking will then be finalised.


I've just made an online booking. What are the next steps?

For ease of liaison on the delivery and return of the Popsical system, we will be contacting you via Whats-app shortly. Following the verification of your proof of address and payment, you will receive the Popsical Karaoke Package on the day of delivery.

What if I am not able to be present during delivery / collection of the Popsical Karaoke Package?

Please ensure that someone is present at the location during the stipulated time period of delivery/return. A  failed delivery/return charge of S$80 will be levied if no one is present at the location to receive/return the package.

If you are unable to be present at the stipulated time, please arrange for the package to be delivered/returned at a relative/friend/neighbour’s location during the stipulated time. Please inform us if there is a change of location by 1200H on the day of delivery/return.

Setting up and troubleshooting - Connection

I have connected the Popsical to the TV but nothing appears on the screen

Please follow the steps:

  1. Connect the HDMI cable from the Popsical to the HDMI port of your TV/projector
  2. Connect the USB cable to the power plug and the Popsical, and switch on the power
  3. Ensure that the power source is on – there will be a blue light in front of the Popsical
  4. Using your TV remote control, switch the source to the correct HDMI source which the Popsical is connected to
  5. You will then see the pink Popsical screen appear on your TV screen

Reasons why you may not see the Popsical screen on your TV

  • HDMI cable is faulty – Try connecting the Popsical with a spare and non-faulty HDMI cable
  • TV’s HDMI port faulty – Try plugging the HDMI cable to a non-faulty HDMI port on your TV
  • Source not switched correctly – Follow step 4 above using your TV remote control
  • USB cable not connected to Popsical – Follow step 2 above. Do note that the electricity is supplied by the USB cable rather than the HDMI cable

How do I connect the Popsical Sound (speakers) to my TV? There are no AUX to RCA cables included.

The Popsical Sound (speakers) can be paired with the Popsical streaming device wirelessly via Bluetooth. We have pre-set it such that the devices are paired automatically via Bluetooth. In the event it isn’t paired, you can also do so by following the steps:

  1. Manually press the Popsical Sound’s (speakers) ‘Input’ button repeatedly until you hear ‘Waiting for Bluetooth connection’
  2. Use the Popsical remote control and press the menu button (depicted as 3 horizontal strokes). On the TV screen where you see the Popsical screen, you should now see the menu screen. Click on ‘Advanced Settings’. Click on ‘Bluetooth’ and pair the ‘Hi-fi system’
  3. You should now hear from the Popsical Sound (speakers), ‘Bluetooth paired’

Can I connect the Popsical Streaming Device to the Popsical Sound (speakers) using a wired AUX to RCA cable?

Yes, you can do so with your own AUX to RCA cable. The cables are not provided in the rental. However, you can connect the Popsical streaming device to the Pospical Sound (speakers) wirelessly via Bluetooth. For the steps to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, please refer to the relevant FAQ above.

I can't find the USB C cable that connects the Popsical to the power plug

The USB C cable is in the Popsical Box (Black). Remove the Popsical Remote Control and you can see the USB C cable placed snugly beneath it.

The WiFi home screen says there is 'No Wi-Fi Routers Nearby' although my WiFi is definitely switched on

It may be a software glitch preventing the detection of the WiFi networks. Do try rebooting the entire system. If the problem persists, as a workaround, you will need a USB mouse and follow the steps stated below:

1. Navigate the screen using the remote control and click on ‘Advanced’
2. Select using the remote control, the WiFi network you wish to connect to
3. Enter the password
4. Connect a USB mouse into the Popsical
5. Use the mouse to click ‘Connect’

The Popsical screen on TV says I can only sing for 15 minutes. How do I get unlimited access to song play time?

You may have been logged out of our premium account which allows for unlimited streaming with no time limit. To resolve this:

  • Using the Popsical remote control, click on the button with 3 horizontal lines (menu button). Click on ‘My Account’. Key in the email and password you see on the slip of paper pasted on the black Popsical box
  • If the above does not work, contact us via Whatsapp or a call at ‭8768 1334‬

I am using the Popsical in my Hotel Room / Chalet and I can't connect to its WiFi. How do I connect?

Most hotels / chalets WiFi networks utilise a different login system (pop-up browser requiring username and password) from home WiFi networks (requires only password). In such cases, there are 2 possible solutions:

  1. Navigate using the Popsical remote control and click on ‘Browser’ on the Popsical screen on TV. If the hotel’s pop-up screen requiring username and password appears, input them accordingly and you should now be connected. If it does not work, refer to 2 below
  2. Switch on your mobile phone’s 4G hotspot and connect the Popsical to the WiFi hotspot. Do note that your mobile phone acts as a dedicated internet connection hotspot for the Popsical. As such, you will not be able to pair the Popsical app on your mobile phone using the party code you see on the TV. To utilise the Popsical app, you will need to connect your friend’s mobile phone (make sure your friend’s phone has the Popsical app) to your phone’s WiFi hotspot.

Setting up and troubleshooting - Microphones

How do I stop the microphone from emitting a buzzing sound?

The buzzing sound from the microphone typically indicates that battery levels are almost depleted. To resolve this:

  • Replace the depleted batteries with new ones, preferably heavy-duty batteries like Energizer

If the above does not work, switch the batteries in the affected microphone with the batteries in the working microphone

There is no sound from the microphone

To resolve this:

  • Replace the depleted batteries with new ones, preferably heavy-duty batteries like Energizer; or
  • If the above does not work, switch the batteries in the affected microphone with the batteries in the working microphone; or
  • Push hard and upwards on the sliding on/off button on the microphone until you hear “Microphone on” from the Popsical Sound

If the above solutions do not work, the microphones may have been damaged during transportation. Do contact us immediately if the above steps do not resolve the issue.

Is it fine that the light on the microphone is off even though the microphone is switched on?

Yes, as long as you can hear your voice amplified by the microphone, it is indicative that the microphone is working. It does not matter that there is no light emitted from the microphone near the on/off button.

How do I increase or decrease the microphone volume?

Please follow the stops:

  1. Use the Popsical Sound remote control (1 of the 2 controllers with a red button) and press the button with the ‘gear’ icon indicated as (1) in the below until you hear the voice from the Popsical Sound saying “Microphone Volume”
  2. At this point, increase the volume by pressing the button indicated as (2) in the picture below
  3. Decrease the volume by pressing the button indicated as (3) in the picture below

The music volume is too soft. How do I increase it?

Please follow the stops:

  1. Use the Popsical Sound remote control (1 of the 2 remote control with a red button)
  2. Increase the music volume by pressing the button indicated as (2) in the picture below
  3. Decrease the music volume by pressing the button indicated as (3) in the picture below

Does the red light on the microphone indicate that the battery levels are low?

No. The red light is permanent and acts as an identifier of the 2 microphones (the other microphone’s light is either blue or green, depending on the model). The red light does not mean battery levels are low.

An object in the microphone is making a sound when I shake the microphone. Is it normal?

Yes, it’s normal. The sound is caused by a small light cover of the microphone that fell in. It does not affect the performance of the microphone in any way.

Setting up and troubleshooting - Popsical app

Can I easily add songs without using the remote control?

Yes, do download the Popsical app from your app store (Apple or Google) and you can easily select and add songs, toggle the accompanying voice to songs, control the volume of the system, and more!

Enter the party code you see on your TV screen into your Popsical app when you are prompted by the app to and you are good to go!

How many smartphones can be connected via the Popsical app?

Up to 20 different smartphones can be connected to the Popsical at once.