Scratch your head no more

We all face the same problem when staring at the karaoke screen, racking our brain on what songs to select. It gets especially challenging when trying to recall your favourite duets, since the good ones are hard to come. Typically, the guiding light is old is gold – the more classic the duet, the more likely it will be soulful and emotional experience.

Quit squeezing your brain juice! We’ve compiled the top 10 best Chinese duets ones out there for you and your singing partner to belt away. Pick up the microphones and have a blast!

If you need to refresh your memory or practice in the privacy of your room first, scroll down further for the embedded YouTube videos of each song for you to sing along to!

Let us know your favourite duets or any others we may have missed out on in the comment box below!!

The top 10 Chinese karaoke duet list

  1. 爱得正好 (Ai De Zhen Hao)
    Artistes: 苏永康 (William So) + 陈洁仪 (Kit Chan)
  2. 你最珍贵 (Ni Zui Zhen Gui)
    Artistes: 张学友 (Jacky Cheung) + 高慧君 (Francesca Kao)
  3. 屋顶 (Wu Ding)
    Artistes: 吴宗宪 Jacky Wu + 温岚 Landy Wen
  4. 爱擦身而过 (Dang Ai Cha Sheng Er Guo)
    Artistes: 李宗盛 (Jonathan Lee) +  郑惠玉 (Zoe Tay)
  5. 我不够爱你 (Wo Bu Gou Ai Ni)
    Artistes: 刘德华 (Andy Lau) + 陈慧琳 (Kelly Chen)
  6. 有一点动心 (You Yi Dian Dong Xin)
    Artistes: 张信哲 (Jeff Chang) + 刘嘉玲 (Carina Lau)
  7. 你的眼睛 (Ni De Yan Jing)
    Artistes: 熊天平 (Panda Hsiung) + 许茹芸 (Valen Hsu)
  8. 制造浪漫 (Zhi Zao Lang Man)
    Artistes: 郑中基 (Kelly Chen) + 陈慧琳 (Ronald Cheng)
  9. 梁山伯与茱丽叶 (Liang Shan Buo Yu Ju Li Ye)
    Artistes: 曹格 (Gary Cao) + 卓文萱 (Zhuo wen)
  10. 今天你要嫁给我 (Jing Tian Yao Jia Gei Wo)
    Artistes: 陶喆 (David Tao) + Jolin Tsai (蔡依琳)

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Practice your chops on YouTube

  • 爱得正好 – 苏永康 (William So) + 陈洁仪 (Kit Chan)

  • 你最珍贵- 张学友 (Jacky Cheung) + 高慧君 (Francesca Kao)

  • 屋顶 – 吴宗宪 Jacky Wu + 温岚 Landy Wen

  • 当爱擦身而过 – 李宗盛 (Jonathan Lee) +  郑惠玉 (Zoe Tay)

  • 我不够爱你 – 刘德华 (Andy Lau) + 陈慧琳 (Kelly Chen)

  • 有一点动心 – 张信哲 (Jeff Chang) + 刘嘉玲 (Carina Lau)

  • 你的眼睛 – 熊天平 (Panda Hsiung) + 许茹芸 (Valen Hsu)

  • 制造浪漫 – 郑中基 (Kelly Chen) + 陈慧琳 (Ronald Cheng)

  • 梁山伯与茱丽叶 – 曹格 (Gary Cao) + 卓文萱 (Zhuo wen)

  • 今天你要嫁给我 – 陶喆 (David Tao) + Jolin Tsai (蔡依琳)

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